Our values ​​at ECOCAFE SA are simple. We believe that any caffeinated drink must be delicious, ethical and healthy to drink and we believe in quality service, but foremost in satisfaction.

We tend to favour LOCAL and prefer freshness of the product.

We think talents, and try to privilege a team of people that embraces the values, leads by initiative and takes responsibilities.

We love the artisans and taste creators, and we nuture the pursuit of excellence, new ideas and experiences.

We believe in responsible growth, in harmony with ecological realities and local available partners.

As per our coffee, we have the privilege of an exclusive licence from CARASSO CAFES, a brand that carries a unique know-how and craftsmanship with a history of excellence dating back to 1866.

Our headquarters are in Lausanne (Switzerland), but our talents are also in Geneva, Zurich, Vevey and Morges.

YES ! Our ICE CASCARA is more than a feel tastegood drink !