… And it's good to you ! - Ice Cascara

And it's good to you !

The benefits of natural antioxidants are well established, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, preventing the degeneration of cells that promote cancer and delaying aging.

They are natural nootropes that are cognitive enhancers, that is, they promote the connection between neuronal cells. And that's good, because cascara is remarkably rich in antioxidants : For example, 100g of Cascara contains 440mg of vitamin C, 2.9mg of zinc and 1590mg of polyphenols.

It does not only taste good …. It is good !!

On OUR bottle, the list of ingredients does not make you feel dizzy and does not require further education in chemistry. And especially our ICE CASCARA is guaranteed WITH NO ADDED SUGARS, sweeteners, stabilizers or any aromas. The nasty agents E are not welcome !!

To our infusion, we just add fruit concentrate to perfect the harmony of the aromas. And of course, we pasteurize it to optimize its conservation.

A bottle of ICE CASCARA is a balanced energy source with 20 calories per 100ml and a moderate intake of caffeine naturally contained in the fruit. Indeed, our 16mg of caffeine per 100ml corresponds to a caffeine level slightly lower than those contained in a ice tea. Cascara is also rich in potassium, ideal isotonic companion during your sporty moment.

By encouraging coffee farmers to recover the pulp of coffee cherries, we promote responsible agriculture and a reduction in food waste, for sustainable beverages.

Of course, we are guaranteed VEGAN, GMO-free and without any recognized allergens, such as soy, lactose or gluten.

By developing a market for organic cascara, we favour a better, fairer and responsible organic agriculture, while ensuring an additional income for small organic coffee producers. Unless you want to experience a potentially harmful cocktail of pesticides, we only recommend you use ORGANIC cascara for any infusion. Whenever feasible, we prefer LOCAL. Notably, our Moroccan ORGANIC mint is from Vaud, and our water and bottler are both from the Valais Alps.

In conclusion, if the WHO wisely recommends drinking at least one liter of liquid a day. Let’s make it that part of that combines natural benefits and taste pleasure !!

Stirred or shaken, as long as it is ICED !!

Avenue du Léman 18
CH - 1005 Lausanne


Avenue du Léman 18
CH - 1005 Lausanne