Finally a delicious
antioxidant drink !!

PLEASURE, PLEASURE, PLEASURE: it is unique, FRESH and delicious, with intriguing fruity notes (peach and prune) and above all, a perfect taste balance, without any acidity or bitterness. A taste, not even close to any of the usual Cold Brew or Iced Tea drinks !! The leaves of ORGANIC Moroccan mint we drop into the infusion of the minty version are an invitation for a taste holiday.

On the HEALTHY side? : Our infusion of cascara (coffeeberries) is not only SUPER RICH in antioxidant, it is also a source of energy, thanks to the moderate presence of natural caffeine (about the amount you may find in an ice tea). But in our drink, you will find  NO ADDED SUGAR, nor any unwelcome sweeteners, and especially ABSOLUTELY none of the E chemical nasties.

ETHICAL and SWISS MADE obviously! Our cascara and our mint are guaranteed ORGANIC and GMO-free, our water comes from the SWISS ALPS, our secret recipe is so Swiss and the commercialisation of cascara is a great new source of income for small ORGANIC coffee producers.


Stormy Cascara

Pretend to be Tom Cruise in COCKTAILS (1988), then add the sugar, rum, lemon juice and ICE CASCARA MENTHE in a shaker, add ice and shake on a few dance steps. Filter and strain into a glass. Add some ice cubes and complete with a little ginger beer. Decorate with a mint head. And enjoy it fresh!

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Rosaceae Cascara

To make this cocktail, add all the ingredients in a shaker with ice cubes. Shake with tonicity. Filter and pour into a cocktail glass. There you go, that's it. Cheers!

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